Hell Has Frozen Over. Ellie Goulding Hates Pizza.

Ok, we understand everyone has flaws, but here at Buzznet, Ellie Goulding is seen as absolute perfection…until now.

No, she didn’t get a bad haircut, bash another celebrity or get caught doing anything gross, like drugs, it’s much, MUCH worse.

Ellie Goulding says she hates…pizza.

Yeah…that’s how we felt when we saw her tweet announcing her aversion to the best kind of pie in the world.

“Am I the only person in the world who detests pizza? Makes me feel like I’ve eaten a blanket.”

L-O-L-Z…ok not cool that Ellie hates pizza, but her tweet is hilarious like…

Ellie did follow up with a shout out to her favorite bad-for-you foods that don’t make her feel like she’s eaten a piece of bedding.

“Love Pringles though. And nachos. Cool Story bro,” she tweeted.

Well, we suppose it’s good to know she’s not a total freak who refuses to embrace any sort of bad eating! We love a girl who can treat herself every now and then and not feel bad about it!

Sorry warm, cheesy, saucey, doughey goodness, you’ll never have a pizza Ellie heart, but you def have ours!

Do you think it’s crazy Ellie doesn’t like pizza?