Epic Experience – LA To Taipei On a Hello Kitty Plane

While on my way to Bali, I had the chance to travel on a Hello Kitty plane from LA to Taipei.

I have blogged about this Eva air x Sanrio collab before and I was so stoked when I saw the kitty logos at the check in desk as I had no idea I was in for a kawaii treat that night. Honestly my mood went from zero to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I was accidentally all dressed in pink as well so it was perfect all around.

Eva air really figured it out with this one cause although the changes from a regular plane are pretty simple, changing a few toilet paper rolls and pillow covers around gets even grown men giddy with excitement and adds so much to the otherwise dreadful 13 hour flight (champaigne problems, I know).

My favorite part about the whole thing was the Hello kitty utensils, which I snuck into my bag after eating a meal from the mint green dishes. To be honest, the food was the only thing that wasn’t really good – not that the plane food ever particularly is but on both my Hello Kitty flights I gotta say the food was exceptionally bad. But maybe it was because it was Taiwanese, which from my experience is anything but fab. I feel like a douche saying this living in a world where people are starving but yeah…

After watching some movies from the Hello Kitty screen and eating meals from the Hello Kitty dishes while lounging on a Hello Kitty pillow one could take some of the kawaii with them by ordering from an on flight catalogue full of perfectly themed items. From neck pillows to toys to candy to even the aprons that flight attendants were wearing, Eva air had thought of everything.

And the kittyness did not stop with the flight – the Taipei airport seems to be aware of how much everyone loves pink shit so they had Hello Kitty corners all around. From breastfeeding rooms to kids playgrounds to kawaii pay phones – it was epic. We need it in LA!<3

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