DRAMA: Demi Lovato Reveals Why She Unfollowed Selena Gomez On Twitter

Last night, August 14, Demi Lovato made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, one of my fave shows (HI ANDY!). Jessica Alba was also a guest!

Demi agreed to play one of the games “Plead the Fifth”, where Andy Cohen asks controversial questions and they are only allowed to skip a question ONCE

First question: “Shag, Marry, Kill: Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell.” -ANDY

“I’d kill Bieber. I’d kill Simon. F–k, I’d kill Joe, too!” Lovato said. “No, Joe and I are good friends, so I wouldn’t kill him. I’d keep him around.”

Question 2: “Not including your own behavior, what is the most scandalous thing you ever saw a Disney Channel star do? And you don’t have to name a name.”

“I can’t answer that I plead the fifth.”

You probably should have saved your skip for the final question Demi!

Question 3: “You recently unfollowed your BFF Selena Gomez on Twitter. So much speculation about this! Can you tell us why?”

“Um, I plead the sixth, if that’s in the game,”

“Are people reading too much into it? Are they reading into something that doesn’t exist?” -ANDY

Demi finally answered, “I think it’s just one of those things where people change and people grow apart,”.

Watch the clip here at BravoTV.com

What do YOU think happened between Demi and Selena?!