DIY Tuesday: My Ocean Dress From The “Worlds Apart” Video

Hi Moon Babies,

First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on the new video. So many people worked extremely hard to pull this together and we’re so happy for all the positivity you’ve been sending our way.

Shooting the underwater scenes was SO H A R D. Champagne problems for sure but damn, it really was. I’m not really comfortable with water so at first I thought I was gonna drown getting all tangled in that dress. I was gonna even throw in the towel for a second there…which I never do…After getting thrown off a horse and shooting in below zero for 24 hours dressed in a nylon stocking basically, I never thought of quitting during the Army of Love shoot.

This one was truly intense though.

We spent like 10 hours in the ice cold pool and I was on painkillers for several days after – my body was just so sore from all the swimming. My eyes were basically swollen shut because of all the chemicals in the pool and I can’t describe the exhaustion I felt. These are fabulous issues to have *faints* but yeah, I just wanted to share with you what goes on behind the scenes when something like this gets created.

Also, that new blue/greenish hair you’ve been seeing is not because I chose to channel my inner swamp priestess – it’s just chlorine with some dyed blue roots.

Cause when life gives you lemons you better add vodka and roll with it. So mermaids is what I’m rolling with right now.

On a brighter note, this experience forcefully gifted me a chance to really connect with the water element and It’s the first time I’ve actually worked with this element so it was pretty eye opening spiritually. There’s a lot to learn from water…the fluidity, the softness, the flexibility…all valuable approaches to life and relationships with other human beings. I work with elements a lot so it’s nice to finally have this one in my tool box as well.

Ok…on to the DIY part:

I styled and hand made the costumes for the Ocean character and the girl, let’s call her “Alice”.

For my character, I knew it had to be something that would come alive underwater. Luckily I had tons of white fabric sitting around which I cut into thin strips. Some of the strips got dyed blue and purple hues to give it more dynamic. Other than that, it was all just built on a nude body suit using a needle and some thread. Total cost of this piece was probably around $50 or less.

The superstar of this look is definitely the seashell crown though, which I created using a simple halloween store crown, some seashells, rhinestones and white spray paint. Total cost maybe $15.

It’s always hard for me to give specific instructions to making outfits cause I just go until it’s done. A lot of time is spent on contemplating and visualizing the piece. It’s all from the gut, I don’t really care for the proper way of doing things. I like the idea of taking this boring thing and that boring thing and combining them in a way that looks beautiful. I’m always looking for ways to challenge what people consider doable or possible. The less resources I use to create beauty, the more rewarding it feels.

For Alice, I had some old Lolita items that I thought worked well. The white schoolgirl blouse got dyed dark purple. elastic straps got added to an old pair of shoes to turn them into Mary Janes. That was pretty much it for her.

Check out my gallery of works in progress and don’t forget to show off your own creations during MoonChild Monday!



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