OKAY so maybe it’s not actually a marathon but I decided to share more of my newspapers comics.Most of them are Tundra and a few others I like. Since Buzznet seems to be ignoring our single photos I thought the Old Blog option needs a good workout so now most of my posts will be in blog form. Besides you get more for your money now 😀

Let’s start with one of my favorite subjects Squirrels !!

OH NO !! Not a good day for them 😀

Okay Sherlock Holmes !! Maybe you better look behind you to find the killer 😀

Well that is a very lucky Worm 😀

This Snake Not So Lucky !!!

Be Damn if she picks the right one !!!

I’m Speechless !! But it is Bizarre 😀

I need to get my Spiders to do the same thing the footprints are Awlful to Clean Up 😀

Now why has no one thought of this before ?

I wanted to share my love of GOTH with you ……

And my favorite of all of these The Chrysalids ……

I don’t think the cartoonist knows that when the adult emerges from the chrysalis it does actually PEE !! LOL

So I hope you enjoyed my little cartoon blog and remember the credit goes to the creative people of Tundra, Wumo and Bizarro 😀

They make my day a little Funnier 😀