BubbleGothTastic: The Queen of Creepy Cakes!

Moon Babies, meet the incredible Christine McConnell aka the queen of creepy cakes and treats <3

The Los Angeles based stylist/photographer turned baker has been getting tons of rad attention for her seriously amazing culinary masterpieces. Not only has she taught herself how to whip up these beautifully gothic treats, but she creates her own vintage clothing and is a super savvy DIY-er who constructs elaborate sets for photoshoots – where she also plays the role of stylist and hair/makeup artist…talk about a chick who can do it all!

From uber realistic alien cookies and haunted house sweets to delicious lemon bars and stunningly intricate Birthday cakes – Christine perfectly mixes together the dark with the traditional…”As much as I love sunny meadows and bunnies, I also love spooky forests with owls. I love traditional beauty without being creepy.”

Take a peek at some of her epic treats in the gallery below – and make sure to check out her Instagram HERE!



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