Artist Of The Month: In The Valley Below

One fateful night late last summer, I just happened to have the Late Show with David Letterman on and came across dark indie duo In The Valley Below. I couldn’t stop watching – singer Angela Gail’s voice (and dress) along with Jeffrey Jacob’s harmonies intrigued me and I’ve been a fan ever since, eagerly anticipating their debut album.

The wait is finally over! The band’s debut, The Belt, is set to be released on August 26 and let’s just say it’s going to be on every music blogger’s end of year list. Trust me.

Their hit single, “Peaches,” has been literally everywhere lately. From the movie Endless Love to a recent episode of ABC Family teen drama, Pretty Little Liars, sweet victory is on the horizon for this Los Angeles duo.

Check out the Letterman performance that started it all below:

Pre-order The Belt HERE!