Talks, Laughs And Gifts With A Great Friend

Hello Buzzneters,

I hope you are fine 🙂 The weather here in my city is really hot and I spend almost every afternoon at the pool here in my residence so I can fresh a tan a bit before to leave for the cruise. Yep, last week my parents and I reserved our 10th cruise, we are so excited and can’t wait to leave for 11 days exploring new cities, relaxing and having fun together 🙂

By the way, finally I’m able to write this blog I had to do two weeks ago but I hadn’t time.

You know I was in Milan in the end of June, mainly because of Within Temptation concert but since I went there a day before I thought to meet my friend Elena, the last time we saw was in December for my birthday when she was so lovely to spend some days here with me (the best gift ever has been to have her here) so I really missed her, even though we text and tweet every day :p but you know what you miss the most is an embrace and talking with a friend looking in her eyes 😉

First of all we tried to understand how and especially where Within Temptation came in and out the location of the concert since I wished to give them my gifts (then the bodyguard once inside the Alcatraz put them on stage), then she showed me the district where she lives, we ate an ice-cream and spent few time at her lovely home 😉

It was the time for exchange some gifts (heheh it seemed to be on Xmas time), I gave her a special surprise: a tank top with Christina Aguilera from Bionic’s album photoshooting. I painted it on the top and it turned out really cool, I was satisfied and Elena couldn’t believe it was a handmade top :3 (check it out: HERE). My mom got her a perfumed water, it smelled so good. Elena got me Stupid Little Things’ single by Anastacia and since she received a copy more she gave me Justin&Christina EP, I was so happy since I dreamed for that cd for over ten years.

We talked and laughed a lot and shot these photos together XD I always spend an amazing time with Elena and can’t wait to see her again in October when we’re going to see Anastacia live in Milan. We are so excited!!!

Any plans for your Summer holidays?

Do you have a friend you consider special?