My Sunless Summer Glow Can Be Yours!

Hey Friends!

It’s summer. The sun is is out and as tempting as it is to lay out in hopes of achieving that perfect golden glow, we all know it’s better to stay slathered in sunscreen and concealed in shade to avoid burns and other damage to your skin. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go all summer without a sun kissed look!

I was recently gifted an amazing self-tanner, KAORA. It’s super easy to apply and doesn’t give your skin that totally fake, orange look we see some self-tanners fall victim too!

I loved the subtle glow and light shimmer it gave my skin, which is perfect for photo shoots, red carpet events and special date nights with my babe boyfriend!

My favorite part about this product is it is 100% cruelty free! No testing on animals. I think as a society we need to start suppoting more companies like this that don’t hurt our innocent furry friends.

Check out the pics and let me know what your best kept beauty secret is! Tweet at me @EdenXO using teh hashtag #taneden

Talk soon!