Summer Time: More Than Selfies!

Selfies!!! I believe that we love to talk about them. And I’m so happy because I discovered such a talented artist. Helene Meldahl aka Mirrors Me takes the best selfies!!! I’m not kidding. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Often people talk about the terrible selfies but they should stop. And the next look for talented artists as Mirrors Me!!!

Story of Mirrors Me:

“I started creating them after drawing on my mirror with lipstick, and leaving little messages for my roommate. I make them out of chalk markers, and posca markers, and some acrylic markers sometimes. I bought my last markers in New York, and the sales person just couldn’t understand why I needed all those acrylic markers to draw on mirrors. Later that night, I drew Brooklyn Bridge on my hotel room mirror in Mid town (it was a nice hotel too, with a huuuge mirror… but I decided to remove the mirror art before I left).

To get my mirror selfies to fit right, it’s kind of funny because some of them really look so weird, especially when I have “guests in the mirror” we just crack up so much, then you have to take a few.

Normally, it takes less than 30 min to draw, but I can really get lost in the process and enjoy it.” – via Bored Panda

Don’t wait and check out more her amazing selfies on her Mirrors Me Instagram: HERE