Pretty In Synth: Magic Man’s ‘Before The Waves’ Is a New Wave of 80’s Nostalgia

Buzznet’s Artist Of The Month for July, Magic Man, released their debut album, Before The Waves, today and BTW, it’s even better than I imagined! After discovering the Boston synthpop outfit last spring, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when I could get my hands on their debut. Believe me when I say that it was worth the wait!

Avoiding any form of streaming of the album before it’s release was definitely a battle. I wanted to capture that element of pure joy and surprise of buying an album, taking it home and being kept on my toes by not knowing what to expect – a dying notion in this society of instant gratification. Mission accomplished!

I know I often say this in every Magic Man related article, but it’s hard not to envision yourself in a John Hughes movie with their music playing in the background; Andie Walsh and Duckie sitting next to you in a classroom while John Bender flings rubber bands and pencils at the front of the room. Kind of sounds like my high school experience but not as cinematic.

EP tracks like “Texas,” “Paris,” and “Every Day” are sonically euphoric, blending modern synthpop with all the rage of that 80’s nostalgia we’ve all been craving lately, only thirty years later. If you’ve had these songs on repeat since 2013’s You Are Here, you’ll be elated at what Before The Waves has to offer!

Personal favorites, “Apollo,” “Honey,” “Chicagoland,” “Out Of Mind” and single-worthy “Catherine” showcase the band’s ‘magic,’ if you will, while demonstrating their staying power in a fast-driven, ever-changing industry.

Last track, “It All Starts Here,” resonated with me the most. “Goddamn this restless heart, keeping me up through the night.” This is the anthem for all of the scared kids (and twenty-somethings) who question their futures yet run full speed ahead right towards it. “You don’t need to be careful.”

As the song states, this is only the beginning for Magic Man – a perfect ending to one of the best albums of the summer, if not, the year.

*If you bought a physical copy of Before The Waves, make sure to listen all the way through, especially towards the end. There’s a hidden surprise awaiting your discovery. 😉

Before The Waves is available now HERE and HERE!

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