Playing With Color

Since I have blonde at the bottom of my hair I decided to play with hair chalk and put some blue in my hair! It is so much fun having color in my hair but I could never imagine having a bright color like blue for an every day hair color. It limits you on what color makeup you can wear and it makes everything you wear look more edgy. It also looks funny to wear certin colors. Also I don’t have the thick hair that does well with lots of dye.

I got a lot of compliments but I also got a few comments on how similar it looks to Kylie Jenner. I actually picked blue because of Nicole Richie– she is one of my style icons! I love everything Nicole Richie wears and her style from head to toe is always on point. Also I’m kind of obsessed with the character of Ramona Flowers in the movie “scott pilgrim vs the world” Another girl to also go blue is Demi Lovato. Do you like the blue hue?