PHOTOS: ‘Worlds Apart’ Release Party With Kerli & Seven Lions!

Last weekend I had the honor and the pleasure to join my friend Seven Lions on stage for his EP release party in LA.

Jeff is one of my favorite producers and it’s been incredible to collaborate on creating these intricate soundscapes with him. We also have a music video in store for you guys for “Worlds Apart”…it was shot last week and so far, looks quite breath taking…I hope it turns out everything we imagine it being #fingerscrossed. Counting on our talented team and magick <3

So yeah, back to the release party..:)

Jeff really likes his beer, so he arranged a Facebook competition where seven strangers could take part of tasting some of his favorite ones with him. The winners turned out to be mostly young producers who bombed him with questions about his sound. It was super interesting actually cause I’m a huge nerd as well when it comes to tweaking the tunes to the max – and there’s no one who’s a better mentor when it comes to sound design than Jeff. It was fun!

U can also see his dog in the hangout pics…adorable indeed.

After the beer tasting, we headed upstairs to start prepping for the show… It was amazing cause so many good friends turned up to support. I put on some war paint and made the last tweaks on the dress I had been making the whole week <3

The show itself was incredible…it was a full house and the energy was off the hook. Seven Lions is one of the best DJs I’ve seen live. He’s got magick – something that is very very rare. For me, whatever is happening, I need to get that feeling…you know what I’m talking about. I just love the more emotional kind of electronic music so much. There is this sense of beauty in it that is mathematically perfect, something that I can’t really explain.

I always thought BubbleGoth was a mix between rave and goth and I think my new shit is super #BubbleGoth in a sense that it has the electronic touches of the kandi kids but then it has these concepts and vocals that are melancholy. When the goth movement first started with artists like “the Cure”, it was just about being melancholy and moody and romantic. The original goths were not really dark or creepy, they were just melancholy and more intricate than the other over the top shoulder-paddy and glittery shit in the 80’s.

Check out my huge gallery of this magical night <3 Hope you enjoy! 🙂 <3



LISTEN: Kerli Seven Lions Release New Single Worlds Apart photo 1
LISTEN: Kerli Seven Lions Release New Single Worlds Apart photo 2 LISTEN: Kerli Seven Lions Release New Single Worlds Apart photo 3

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