From The Indie Vault: The Tallest Tree

The Tallest Tree – For fans of: The Colourist, Family of The Year, In The Valley Below

The Tallest Tree are an indie rock duo from Dundas, Ontario, Canada and their formation was quite romantic. After singer Dawn saw guitarist/singer Armando play with his band, The Oats, in Canada, they fell in love. Now, the couple are married and get to write songs together! What a dream!

Their DIY philosophy reeled me in from the get-go, encompassing my intended mission with From The Indie Vault that I just HAD to give them a spotlight! Taken from their official website:

“We believe the music business has gotten twisted and crooked and weird.

There is wonderful music out there, but a big percentage of it isn’t signed or promoted by the big guys. Support independent music.

The Tallest Tree feels that people in a position to give should help people that aren’t, and thats why a part of our merchandise sales goes to charity.”

The band just released their first single, “Boat,” (with guest vocals by Marra Koren) this month and I’m hoping it catches on in the blogosphere! With everything you would want in an indie jam, “Boat” is only just the beginning for this duo.

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