Greetings From Beautiful Bali!

Greetings from Bali, Moon Babies!

I don’t have words to describe the amazing energy of this land and the incredible people in this country. So blown away ♥

The view from our magical studio in a Bali jungle ♥

My favorite part about Bali is how much faith people have here. While I myself don’t fully embrace any specific organized religion, it is always amazing to witness it when it improves peoples everyday lives and how they treat the world around them.

Balinese, mainly Hindu, believe in karma, thanks to which there is barely any crime happening. Every morning little baskets of fresh flowers and fruit get prepared as offerings to Gods. They are placed everywhere from doorsteps to dashboards of peoples cars. Epic statues of deities fill all the households, no matter how poor. These statues get covered in sacred cloths and flowerbeds while being showered in mantras on a daily basis. When there is a beautiful sight to be witnessed, it’s surely lined in these little thank you trinkets to show gratitude for all life.

So humbled by the patience and respect people show towards each other in this place. The western world in all it’s glory has a lot to learn from these simple people still.

The light in me honors the light in you.



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