Daily Reminder: Look Up!

If there’s one thing you never get to experience in your life, let it be the tragic art of losing your sense of wonder. Never take this world for granted because there is beauty seeping through every aspect of this life.

Let yourself feel the magic of the windows down and the way wind feels on your face as it tousles your hair. Sit in awe of the skeletons of skyscrapers and half built highways knowing that humans created these amazing structures that withstand so much. Feel the ache of loneliness in a foreign city where no one knows your name. Get lost in the endless cornfields that fill the body of this country. Take in the blackness of the desert at night and how a full moon reflects off of your sticky summer skin. Remember what it felt like to be young, with the autumn chill sneaking through your jacket as you crunch fallen leaves beneath your sneakers. Remember your first kiss on the curb down the street by your childhood home and think about all of the different people you’ve had the opportunity to explore. Most of all, never apologize for feeling things to their fullest – for loving with your whole heart and aching with your whole body – because that is how you know that you are a part of this world and you are living.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?