Album Review: Jesse McCartney Releases ‘In Technicolor’

Hey Music Lovers,

Today is your lucky day. A Buzznet favorite, Jesse McCartney, has released a brand new album called ‘In Technicolor‘! I got to get a first listen and honestly had it on repeat all day at my desk. I got to see Jesse live WAY back in the day and more recently on tour with The Backstreet Boys and he still gave off the same energy from when we were kids. Jesse has ALWAYS been a fantastic songwriter but this album shows off his growth and a side of him I feel he has never shown before which I appreciate.

To get YOU hyped for his new album I am going to share my 3 favorite songs!

1. “Back Together

This was his first single and it had me hooked for days! I was so into the retro, dancy aspect of it and how it was such a fun uplifting song! Seeing him perform it live in a blue suit defintiely tied it all together!

2. “The Other Guy”

This song is last on the album but it surely is not least. This song has strong raw vocals that hit your heart, plus the piano is a beautiful touch. This one takes you back to that one specific, relatable situation in your life…definitely is a “blast this in your room when you’re alone” kind of song. le sigh.

3. “Superbad”

I loved this one because it makes you feel exactly the way it wants you to…Superbad. Whether you’re a girl strutting her stuff in new clothes or the man getting to watch it happen, you feel good in all the bad ways 😉

The rest of the songs are all just as good so if you like what you have heard so far be sure to pick up ‘In Technicolor’ on iTunes HERE!