Welcome Kimberly Cole To The Buzznet Family!

So it’s official! I have been inducted into the coolest slash dopest (is that a word?) community around! I am so honored to be a Buzzmaker! I promise to be as buzzy as possible and as real as possible, taking you on all my adventures ranging from the coolest festivals and events around to some of my nerdiest and most embarrassing moments as well! For example, I tend to fall on stage quite a bit…….but hey…….that’s the fun stuff right??

But let’s back it up so I can give you the low low down on everything me!

I grew up in the OC in the surf culture and in the same hometown as our fav girl Gwen… Who we are clearly obsessed with! From moment one……we are talking 4 years of age….I have not been able to keep my pistol of a mouth shut in the sense of singing, dancing around the house, putting on (which I’m quite sure where terrible shows) for all my neighbors. So basically, what I am getting at, is that I’m am completely obsessed with all things music and always have been! I am a recording artist, I live in a recording studio, I write my lil tushi off everyday, I have an insane passion for fashion and how music influences fashion! I also am a music correspondent – interviewing other artists. I love to get in depth on their journeys as artists, their struggles, and I always seem to get the most embarrassing stories out of them……it’s kind of my specialty! So I will be bringing you lots of goodies!

Right now I’m working on my solo project which I am very excited to share! My music and sound evolved so much when I finally said F it……I’m going to be the real me! I’m also featured on some amazing records from some of the top Dj’s that you’ll hear really soon!

There is so much more but let’s get this party started……

For fun…..here are some super random facts:

1. I grew up as a professional artistic roller skater…..which is basically the same sport as ice skating but on four wheel roller skates…..super random right? Like why didn’t my mom just put me in ice skating? Oh well…I like being random…..and at some point in the near future you will see me skate on stage! Ha!

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with 7-11 and Dr. Pepper

3. I have not thrown up since the 5th grade.

4. I have never had a cavity!

To commemorate my induction to the Buzznet fam…and for shits and gigs…here is a fun video that I put together for you on my way to a photoshoot in NYC!

What do YOu guys want to see from me here on Buzznet?