My Weekend At TINHouse EDC

I’ve been running around none stop since Nashville preparing for TINHouse EDC! My new job is super cool and I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished this weekend. We had three trending topics on twitter, two number one world wide trends over World Cup and EDC and a feature on Entertainment Tonight.

Hanging with one of my influencers Chris Collins and my TINHouse team mate Elizabeth.

Loved getting to spend time with Jessica Vanessa. One of the sweetest Viners ever!

The Stafford Brothers and Crystal Heffner were our Guest DJ’s for the weekend.

On Saturday we took some of our influencers to the Voodoo Zipline! It was so fun, but a little scary.

Hijacking Alx James’ YouNow

All Smiles while hanging out with Chris Saint and Crawford Collins

Thanks to my entire TINHouse team for everything! You can follow my life on Instagram + Twitter, just @Gabbiebrown