Warped Tour 2014 Vegas + Pomona: 3 Bands That Stole My Heart

I braved the heat of Vegas and kept it going the next day in Pomona for this years Van’s Warped Tour! This is only my second year ever going to a Warped Tour so I guess you can say I’m kind of a rookie. I had so much fun! I got to see many of our Buzzmakers out and about doing their thing, snap some cute street style pics of you guys AND watch some killer bands perform. My hat goes off to ALL the bands that play on Warped Tour, I don’t know how they survive the long days/nights and still put on such lively sets.

I wanted to share MY top 3 bands I saw live at Warped Tour with you. SO, in no particular order, here you go:

The Maine

We saw these guys KILL it on the Warheads Stage. I’ve never seen them live before, and now I know why everyone on Buzznet is OBSESSED. They rule. The whole crowd was singing every lyric and you could feel the impact that the music has on their adoring fans. We also caught up with The Maine for a fun little interview AND selfies so stay tuned for that footage coming soon!


Thanks to Brittany, I now am a fan of these guys. The band finally reunited and I’m so happy I got a chance to see them live! The music was so reminiscent of the high school days and they really took it back there for the fans, it was so sentimental. To go from being on a break as a band then back to touring Warped Tour is one thing, BUT to draw a crowd like they did to the Warheads Stage was really incredible, everyone as loving every second of it. I also got a chance to catch their acoustic set in Vegas and was blown away!

The Summer Set

Another Buzznet’s (and myself) fan favorite. I’ve seen these guys before and was stoked to see them about tear it up in the summer sun. These guys never disappoint. BLD charmed up the crowd and swooned us with his magical voice. The other guys John, Stephen and Josh played their hearts out and the energy was INSANE. And of course, Jess on the drums is never a let down. she kills it, always. Ahh I just love these guys and always enjoy seeing them play. Boomerang got me groovin’, what’s YOUR fave The Summer Set song?

What are your top 3 bands be you saw at Warped this year?


What top 3 bands are you looking forward to seeing?