In The Valley Below Announce ‘The Belt’ Album Details

In The Valley Below have finally announced details about their forthcoming debut album, The Belt! I first introduced you guys to this lovely alternative/folk/pop duo this past fall when their single, “Peaches” graced my ears and my heart. Since then, “Peaches” has been featured in numerous TV spots and movies, such as Endless Love, and continues to gain momentum on Sirius/XMU!

The Belt will be released on August 26 via Caroline/Capitol Records and is sure to be decked out in boho chic and dreams of midnight strolls through a magical forest. Trust me on this.

Check out The Belt‘s album art, tracklisting and, if you haven’t heard “Peaches” yet, I suggest pressing play below immediately.

1. Peaches

2. Neverminders

3. Last Soul

4. Hymnal

5. Stand Up

6. Dove Season

7. Take Me Back

8. Searching For A Devil

9. Lover

10. Palm Tree Fire

11. King Tide

Pre-order The Belt on iTunes HERE!

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