So here I am again driving and finding things you might be interested in. Some things in my town and also where I have to go. Anyway I always find something to take my camera out for.

We have signs like this all over but it’s still a very difficult place to ride bicycles along busy roads …….

OH HAHA !! Look at that Baby 😀

They have a dog named Seemore who can find termites in your house by using his nose !!!

I think that is definitely true !! Not that I would ever try it anyway 😀

I had to drive through a really bad town to get someplace there are a lot of abandoned places including this gas station : (

Further up the road there was a road block and being unfamiliar with the area I had to find a way around it. There was crime scene tape all over and I did see a multilated motorcycle so it must have been a really bad accident : (

I went down a street to get around the road block and saw this house with the Solar Roof, we do have a lot of those here but this was completely done even the garage : )

Later that day I saw this garden room driving on the main road and was surprised it was going to Home Depot the same place I was going to. It was kind of cute so of course I had to take some photos 😀

Coming out of Home Depot you always see trash in the parking lot but this was the most Bizarre Trash I have ever seen !! They were right next to my car and weren’t there when I got there. Maybe they fell out of someones pocket they are made for someones teeth to protect them either while sleeping or playing sports ? I wear one on my top teeth when I go to bed …. Very strange find :0

My McDonald’s I had just got food at the Drive Thru : )

A Mexican restaurant in my town, I’ve never eaten there but it’s popular 😀

My town uses Natural Gas in their vehicles including the big garbage trucks : )

A house in my neighborhood that is covered in gardens !!! This is only a small part it’s impossible to get everything in the photo. It’s hard to even see the house in there 😀

One of the Barber Shops in my town, it’s possible this store may be demolished to make room for a new multi use complex. This is part of a long line of stores and offices that are mostly empty and the buildings are in very poor condition : (

Only ONE Kitty in the family 😀

Some of those Sneaky Cameras that catch you doing something wrong. I don’t really understand this spot since it’s not even at an intersection it’s just at the entrance to Sears 😀

One of my Walmarts !! I really hate them but sometimes I have to go there …….

Something new inside Walmart it’s kind of expensive and who knows how good that ice cream is 😀

I still don’t try the Claw Machine but I love to see who is trapped in there 😀

I saw this in the parking lot 😀

Then I stopped at Stop and Shop it’s a big supermarket. I thought this was a nice idea : )

Two vanity plates on my way out of the store 😀

This store is for THE DOGS 😀

Look there is a lady that Cooks !! I have never seen one of those stickers before ………

Well that is THE END of another ON The ROAD trip I hope you enjoyed the ride with me 😀