Summer Fun Music Alert: Listen To Candy Hearts New LP!

What can you get for $5? A couple things from the dollar menu, an ice cream cone, a frappucino, a movie rental on demand (but not in HD, boo)….or, you can get infinite summer fun with our BRAND NEW record which is 11 sunshiney songs. Did my sales pitch work at all?

We are so super thrilled to annouce that our record has just dropped this week, so we’re letting you hear the whole thing on Buzznet. Want to give it a listen? Stream it below!

If you love it…download it this weekend only for $5 via Bandcamp.

If you’d prefer some pretty vinyl or a CD, Bridge 9 has got you covered. I was lucky to make them save me one of the limited clear ones! I almost didnt get one.

What’s your favorite summer jam?