The Stylish Kind Interview: Beauty, Crystals + MORE

Audrey Kitching is an enigmatic fashion force to be reckoned with. Known for her bold style, including her signature pink hair, Kitching has experienced all sides of the fashion industry, from modeling to fashion writing to designing. She also has a keen interest in all things mystical, evinced in her online shop Crystal Cactus. Jewelry featuring intriguing offerings such as crystals, purifying oils, tarot card holders, and protective stones.

“I want to try to educate people on how important it is to keep your chakras in balance and your auric fields clean,” Kitching said of the shop.

She has also made it her mission to educate people on compassionate fashion, and she is launching her own vegan footwear collection later this summer, in partnership with Italian label Kerol D. The styles will echo Kitching’s colorful look with details like rainbow metallics and chunky Lucite heels. And on tap for later this season is a new luxury lounge-wear line, LUNA by Audrey Kitching. “It’s cosmic consciousness meets fashionista style,” the designer said.

That’s also an apt description of Kitching’s personal approach to looking fabulous, we found out when we recently chatted with this truly cool, kind entrepreneur. Read on for a few of her best style and beauty tips.

First fashion memory:My mom and me painting butterflies and flowers on all the backs of my jean jackets when I was in elementary school. I was brought up customizing my clothing as if it were normal.

Personal style:Tomboy with a multi-cultural-My-Little-Pony edge? I feel more confident in black liquid pants and a blazer than I ever have in a mini-dress. I also love pastels, pinks, and exploring different cultures while still staying true to my baggy T-shirts and chunky black boots.

Ethical outlook:When I first started working in fashion, I was a bit ignorant and in love with leathers as furs as much as the next fashionista. Over time, once you truly stop and learn what and where this “fashion” is coming from, it makes you rather sick. I am 100% against real furs, but I love faux furs — they are such a brilliant alternative. I also try to only buy vintage leather or eco-friendly reused leather products…

An accessory every woman should own:Designer sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses (if you take care of them) will be your best friend and last you forever. Once you go high-end with sunnies, you never go back. The quality is unmatchable.

Best shopping:The internet, hands down. I love finding independent designers on Etsy, Pinterest, and eBay. There is something special about owning a piece of wearable art.

Go-to hair product:I have been really loving the Derm Organic hair line. I use their shampoos, leave-in treatments, hairspray, and shine serums.

Best beauty tip:Go natural! Juice, eat healthy, cut out gluten and sugars and dairy, or at least keep them to a minimum. Beauty really is skin deep. What we put in our body shows on the outside. Diet and lifestyle are the best anti-aging cream you will ever find.