Outfit Of The Day: Leopard & Pink

Happy Friday, my dear Buzzneters!

I think it’s a lot of time I don’t write about an Outfit Of The Day blog, I should come back to write more now that’s Summer time and the guardrobe turns brighter with colorful tank tops, shorts, dresses and flip flops 😉

So today I picked leopard print and hot pink outfits, two of my fav items talking about fashion.

My dear sponsor at Confirmation Viriginia got me the leopard print tank top some years ago, from H&M, I simply love it. I use to wear it also with leggings :p

I got the hot pink shorts two years ago for Nicki Minaj’s concert YAAAAY and they are really comfty and they are from NewYorker store 😉

Talking about being comfortable… I wore flip flops, I love this pair, my mom got me last Summer, I have it another pair with red/pink tones.

I know you usually see me wearing really high heels but I’m also a flip flops girl, especially in Summer :p

My hair do is really simple and jaunty… ok also you have thought about Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time music video when you saw my braids? Yep, I can understand you eheh she’s always in my thoughts, I can’t help it XD

This late afternoon I went out with my parents for few stuff, I’m so happy the new living room furniture arrives on Wednesday, can’t wait to see them, I’m excited 😀

Then my parents also reserved the church for celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on August, for this I’m even more excited! We are starting to plan everything for that day.

So the photo above is what I have in my Nicki Minaj’s bag: Hello Kitty wallet, mp3 players with headphones (it’s a MUST), sunnies and obviously the cellphone (I was shooting the photo with it atm)

I wish you a great weekend


What’s your outifit of the day?