My life recently summed up in pictures

While I was in my cab ride home this morning from a little get a way I had to Kansas City this past week, I sat in the backseat reminiscing looking at photos & thinking about how my life has taken a complete turn the past few months. I think the last time I sat and blogged about something sentimental was when I met this person who spontaneously came into my life.. In vegas…

Since then so many things have fallen together so seamlessly and I’ve begun to realize the importance of living in the moment and cherishing the things that I have in front of me. I have a horrible habit of being a worried mess most of the time, stressing about tomorrow, next week, and also holding on to too much of the past. This person has taught me to take everything day by day. No, he is not sitting in front of me with a chalkboard and pointer drawing out life rules. In some weird, indirect, awesome way he makes me a better person. In turn I have realized everything else in my life has gotten awesome? What is this? What does this all mean?

So to figure this all out, I have opened my eyes to more. I smile more, say thank you more to strangers and share this happiness with people I don’t even know. I feel as if my gratefulness of having him has in return radiated to my career, friendships and self appreciation. My loved ones around me have given me feedback that I look more happy! How do you look happier!? And I am soooo bummed I didn’t look like this for a long time and no one told me haha! People don’t even have to know what is going on in my life but they already know by my energy and presence that its freaking awesome.

So here is what I have figured out so far:

When you can learn to let go and not try to force things, people, jobs, opportunities, THINGS do come.

I know how cliche that sounds but it is really true. Take the focus off being so hard on yourself, work on what you are good at, appreciate everything around you and then in return you will start to see things fall into place. Maybe not as perfectly as you want them to, but definitely how they are supposed to. trust me.

Meeting this man has changed my outlook on so many things. He has opened me up to just relaxing. Not as in sitting on the couch watching OITNB all day (I would do that in a heartbeat tho ha) but as in just relishing in moments, being spontaneous, not worrying about things. He has taught me, sad, that I am awesome. People can bring you down so hard INDIRECTLY and you can be so oblivious to it!! Becareful of who you let into your life and hold close. Some of them can be doing damage. Never have any one around who doesn’t build you up and make you feel like a superhero. He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, that I am capable of everything put in front of me, and I want to be better and better for myself and him everyday.

enough mushy self learning stuff. Back to my trip!

I arrived in Kansas City, where I have never been before, so I was pretty excited to go somewhere new, make some new memories and be totally out of my comfort zone. I live for that shit.

My man picked me up, we went to his favorite lunch spot and I got to see his whole life! His friends, house, car, things, where he goes to get coffee etc. His life. There was something so special about being in Kansas with him, I was able to see a side of him that I hadn’t before nor can I when he is in LA. Seeing him in his element with his friends and his city was so cool. The relationships he has with his friends was so incredible. I never really thought about that before when dating. It is so important to notice what kind of relationship your significant other has with his friends and family, it tells A LOT about them as a person.

We went out watched the USA futbol game, and bar hopped with a bunch of cool couple all night! The week was filled with such great people and learning new things about him every day. I run this fine line of always saying too much or being at a loss of words. I think this week I was at a loss of words because I was too busy smiling. He took care of me. Made sure I was always happy, fed, rested etc. I had never felt that before. But all I ever needed daily was to be next to him.

Now back in LA I have this weekend to rest up and get ready for Rihanna rehearsals monday!!!! WHHHAAAA

It’s going to be a CRAZY couple months I am not sure if my body and mind is ready for it!!! (yes it is) lol

til next time.