New: Young Forever(Lost In Dreams)

Hey Friends, I want to share with you my new lyrics, called “Young Forever( Lost In Dreams)”. These lyrics are important to me. I know that there is a lot of mistakes and it doesn’t sound professional but I want to stay myself and by this way show to you what’s really counts in this crazy world. My inspiration was great person who inspired me to do a lot. Always when I’m sad I like to read his thoughts and it makes me stronger and I feel extra power to fight with bad things. Thank you so much for inspired me.

Young Forever( Lost In Dreams)

1.The first step is the hardest but sometimes we have to fall down And the next raise as phoenix from the achesEasy choice it’s not good way, always be careful Don’t you believe in promises by strangers, they lying you

Stay true to yourself, don’t be a victim of wrong decisions Don’t you sell your faith for an exclusive deals You have to see what’s really counts here Please, don’t forget who you are


We are young forever, we are lost in dreams Only the time is like a fake beat Wish a dream, come true your dreams With each new day we start anew

We are young forever, we are lost in dreams 11:11, nothing more is needed now We can create new world, full of the true love and hope With each new day we start anew

2.This is like the never ending life game Without any pain, tears and the broken hearts We can’t stand against destiny, just glorify this life Because we don’t know when we pass away

Let the world enjoy new day Even if the dark clouds don’t want to leave you Don’t care about age, celebrate every new day You have it in yourself, this life desire.