Jordan JAE Shares Her Must Have Apps!

Hey it’s Jordan JAE here with an update on the latest must have apps!

Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is honestly the most addicting game I’ve ever played. I know what you’re thinking and yes, it is more addicting than Flappy Bird. During Flappy Bird and similar type of apps, you get frustrated when you lose while with Piano Tiles you just want to keep playing. The objective of the game is to only touch the black squares not the white tiles. But you must make sure you don’t miss any! Piano Tiles is actually very soothing because every time you touch a black tile a note on the piano plays and I do love the piano! Sometimes you can even recognize a tune like twinkle twinkle little star or hot cross buns! Definitely an app I recommend for summer fun and relaxation.


You know those times when you really want to post a picture on Instagram but can’t get the whole picture to fit in the allotted Instagram space? Because what picture is actually a perfect square? Well, there is this amazing app called Whitagram made for fixing that very annoying problem. You just choose a picture from your camera role and it drops into a white backdrop. You can change the color to black, blue, etc. if you choose. The best part is when you go to post the picture the whole picture is seen! Also, Whitagram has the option to edit your picture before you save it to your camera role or post it directly to Instagram. This makes it so much easier than getting two different apps that take up space on your phone. Trust me! This is one app that has really helped me during my rectangular picture problems!

Hype Machine

Hype Machine is one of my favorite music apps by far! Hype Machine takes a collection of songs from the top music blogs and lists them by most popular from 1-100. You also have the option of seeing songs by genre! It’s definitely one of the best and most convenient ways to find new awesome music! When you find a song you like you press a heart. Hype Machine then creates a separate folder of the songs you like. This comes in handy to locate your fave songs! Another cool thing is you can fast forward to the next song or go back to the previous song. Hype Machine also offers a cool feature that let’s you fast-forward to certain points in a song instead of just skipping the whole song completely. Hype Machine is not only an app but also a website so be sure to check them out at!


This app is by far one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time! The homepage shows you different moods and activities to choose from. When you click one of those, for example waking up, it gives you different titled soundtracks; like 90’s prom or top bubblegum hits of today. Also if you’re mood or activity isn’t there right away you can look through a long list of other activities and moods that give you all different soundtracks. Did I mention it gives you the option to look by genre and get this, decades! You know when you just can’t find that song you listened to when you were a kid on the radio? Well for me if I look up early 2000’s and I’m sure to find it in one of their many soundtracks, problem solved! Another cool feature is when you slide up on the homepage of suggested options, then type in what you need music for, Songza will find the mood or activity for you, without you having to look through their lists! You can also create favorites and see the recent soundtracks you’ve listened to, which is really cool! Especially the “recents” which are a list of the recent soundtracks you have listened to. This is an option you don’t see on a lot of apps and an awesome one! Songza is a must app!

Candy Crush

For those of you who haven’t heard of this popular game it’s absolutely addicting. There are different levels where you have to match three or more of the same candies in a row, get a certain score, and get rid of a block that might take a few moves to disappear! When you lose a level you just want to keep playing and playing! Another awesome thing about Candy Crush is that you’re playing with what looks like candy, who doesn’t want to stare at candy?! There are levels with cages, time limits, and cool bonus’s. I am totally engaged playing this game, it’s like I can play for hours and not even know any time has passed at all! If you have a school test the next day then leave the app for a while but otherwise, I highly recommend this addicting game!

There you go guys my top 5 apps! If you like what you hear head on over to the app store and check them out! Until next time!


Jordan JAE