Interview With Kenz Torres

Dear Buzznet & Buzzneters, I’m so honored to introduce you Kenz Torres, new member of our amazing community. He’s young man from beautiful place on earth and wonderful friend. We talked a little about his life. I believe that Kenz is one of the bravest young people so we want to inspiring you to be stong and don’t give up. Please check out a little interview with Kenz and show him what a great community we are.

Hi Kenz. I’m so happy that you joined to Buzznet community. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Kenz: I was born in Caracas city, in Venezuela. I love my city, is beautiful, but actually is a some difficult to live here. My life has always been dark, depression and creepy things, i’m still loving that but actually i am changing that concept for colors and things what makes me feel alive

Unfortunately, you are a victim of bullying from a young. I know that is so hard to talk about it but can you share with us your story?

Kenz: Yes, sure… is really hard when you are victim of bullying, and after the time that you need to take for overcome all is hard too. The problem isn’t just bullying in the school, inside my own family bullying exist too. Since i was little i lived very difficult time in school, at home with my family as much abuse as traumatic and difficult time. But now i feel good about my life and all what happen around me. Now i feel that all the positive energies are constantly moving to my future and that makes me happy.

Have you had a moment when you felt ready to give up? What helped you?

Kenz: Oh this is a really personal question… hmm… I need to say yes. I’ve tried to kill myself a lot of times in different ways but now i think about how i’ve felt in that moment, and the times that i was really close to do it, and then i see myself now and think that yes, i can overcome all that cross in my way.

What is your biggest dream?

Kenz: All that i want in life, is to be happy.

You mentioned me that you are a Venezuelan artist. Where did you get your love of art? And what are do you most identify with?

Kenz: All my life i’ve been surrounded for art. The biggest part of my family are artist, so i think that’s the principal reason. I love art with all my life, all that you can do in that way. Music, dance, paint, write… your feelings are the most powerful things that you have for create.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Kenz: I don’t think that i can see someone else like an inspiration, because i can be inspired for different things in different persons in different moments. If need to take something as my inspiration, i say that life is my inspiration.

Kenz, thank you so much for this interview. I believe that you will spend great time on Buzznet. And for the end, do you have a message for readers?

Kenz: Thank you so much to you Nat, i really love your work here and is a real honor for me that you interview me. Guys, love is all that you need to be happy, nothing else.

You can follow Kenz on:

Twitter: @KenzTorres