Exclusive Interview With Kelsy Karter

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kelsy Karter. She is an Australian soul/pop musician and songwriter living in Los Angeles. I believe that you know Kelsy Karter because she is one of the greatest bloggers from Buzznet. Don’t wait and follow her blog: here

“Kelsy moved to Los Angeles upon finishing high school and began working with different producers and performing all over California. She has performed on the Kids Choice Awards, LA Fashion Week, Carnival, toured with Disney, and has acted and danced for Christina Milian, Neyo, Kellie Pickler, Big Time Rush, Drew Seeley, The Ready Set and David Guetta.

In June 2012, Kels released her Official Music Video to her first single “The Revolution”, which attracted the attention of Manager Chris Contopulos, who took quickly to Kelsy and her capabilities. She signed with Contopulos in late 2012.

In 2013 Kelsy collaborated with international DJ duo Infect Mushroom. One of their collaborations was released on IM’s EP in June. Recently after, Kelsy released her second music video and first official single “Ghost Town”.” – via Kelsy Karter Facebook

When and where did your experience in music start?

Kelsy Karter: I was born into a family of musicians, so I have been around it my whole life. I was a theatre kid, and a band geek haha!

What got you interested in music and dance?

Kelsy Karter: I was a very shy little girl, but when I was on stage, I felt very safe and in danger at the same time. I loved that feeling. The thrill and the comfort of it.I started so young, that I really don’t remember what first got me interested, but that feeling is what kept me doing it.

Your songs are powerful and hypnotizing. What is your favorite song you have written? And can you tell us a little about your “Johny Depp”?

Kelsy Karter: Haha, all and none. That’s kind of how I judge my work. If at any point a song is my ‘favorite’, I know I have to keep it. But if it never passes through that phase, I know that I mustn’t really be in that song, and I ditch it. I wrote Johnny Depp as a joke one day on the piano.I didn’t think I would release it or anything.I was just messing around.But then we thought, why not?

What can we expect from your upcoming “Kiss The Boys” EP?

Kelsy Karter: The EP will basically tell the story of ‘Kelsy Karter’.What I stand for, what I love, different shades of my personality, etc.Mix of soul, pop, rocknroll, theatre. All around weird wonderful wickedness.

I read that you are fascinated with Tim Burton. Would you like to record song to his movie in future?

Kelsy Karter: Shit, that’s a MASSIVE dream of mine. He is one of my heroes. And I have always wanted to make music for movies.Edward scissorhands is the first movie I ever saw that made me wanna be a performer. He is magnificent! And I have the same last name as his wife! 😉

Do you have your dream collaboration? Who would it be and why?

Kelsy Karter: In music? JOHN NEWMAN. He is my favorite artist!!!!!!! And in film — Joaquin Phoenix.He is perfect.

How it is be a “Rebel Doll”? Can you tell us something more about your life and style?

Kelsy Karter: Rebel doll describes me pretty well I guess.I was a rebellious tomboy by day and a theatre performer by night.And my style definitely shows that still today. It’s like rocknroll meets fairytale. They’re my two sides. Always has been.

What is your biggest goal?

Kelsy Karter: To live a chaotic, bold existence.