Demi Reveals Her Biggest Hair Regret

By now we all know Demi Lovato is kind of obsessed with changing her hair. She’s done almost every color of the rainbow, has worn wigs, cut it short, worn it long and styled it in some pretty awesome ways!

The 21-year-old singer may be super daring with her hair, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a regret or two about some of her past choices.

When Demi stopped by Radio Disney, she shared he biggest hair regret and why she’ll never do it again!

“I’m loving my hair right now, obviously, or else I’d change it,” she spilled. “I think my worst – I used to dye my hair just jet black…with a box at home in the shower. I think that was my worst because sometimes I’d mess it up, and also, it had no life. With brown hair – even blonde – there’s dimension.”

We can safely say that we love when Demi rocks a natural brown or lighter hair color. What’s your favorite Demi ‘do? Go HERE and let us know!