The Age of the Universe: Space, Hope and Rock n’ Roll

Alternative rock band, The Age of the Universe, are everything rock needs and then some. Blending powerful euphoric riffs designed to take you to another dimension and messages of hope and creativity, don’t let the hard-rock persona fool you – this band is one to listen to while stargazing and dreaming up a promising future.

The Washington DC trio just released their debut album, Singularity – an unpredictable in-your-face mix of everything you didn’t know you were waiting for while still managing to lay on the charm with an old school Pink Floyd vibe. Personal favorite, “Believe” sent chills down my spine, as lyrics mirrored my own thoughts. “What if our hopes are taken? What if our lives are broken?”

Fans of Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars and Dredg will dig The Age of The Universe’s ability to convey positivity with an echoing twist. Lead single, “Alive” focuses on getting caught up in the daily routines of the mundane. It’s video, demonstrates just how heavy and stifling this notion can be and what it drives people to do.

Check out “Alive” below:

Singularity is available now HERE.