The Wishbone Foundation Is Giving YOU A Chance To Give Back!

Hey all!

So you may or may not know that one of my besties, Kat, owns a nonprofit organization called The Wishbone Foundation. It’s pretty amazing–she raises money to donate to group homes around the country so they can provide art supplies and/or art programs to kids there. She believes art is a creative and non-aggressive opportunity for people to express themselves and wants every kid to be able to have that opportunity, no matter what.

What’s really cool is that she teamed up with Andy Glass of We Came As Romans and he designed a one-of-a-kind tank that will only be printed once (Only 100 in existence!) to help raise money for the organization.

Kat just re-launched her merch site HERE with brand new products including her amazing vegan-friendly hand-made wraps (I’m currently obsessed with the elephant one) and the exclusive tank. Be sure to check it out and donate to a good cause! She even has a special promotion that ends Friday at midnight where if you spend $20 and use the code RELAUNCH2014 you get $5 off. So you can basically get a one-of-a-kind limited tank and then a free bracelet.

Um, hi–best deal ever? What do you think of her foundation!?