My Thriller Live Music Show Experience In Trieste

Yesterday night was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Thriller Live music show, created by Adrian Grant and the choreographies of Gary Llyod, a celebration of Michael Jackson’s music and icon, born early in 1991, came in Trieste – my city – for the second time and this time is the only one Italian date of the worldwide tour. From May 15 till 18 for five shows, Michael Jackson’s biggest hits relive on the stage in Politeama Rossetti’s theatre and it’s a show I wanna reccomand you.

I already had the pleasure to see this music back in 2009 when they picked Trieste as opener date for Italian tournee (with Rome, Bologna and Milan) and after the biggest success of almost 5 years ago, Thriller Live come back in Trieste and I couldn’t miss it.

It was even better than the first time, the energy of the singers and dancers is amazing and they interacted a lot with the audience.

The show in two acts, the first one was dedicated to Michael Jackson’s beginning of his career with Jackson 5 and his first hits from Off The Wall. It was super funny when the singers asked to stand up and dance on “Shake Your Body Down”, raising the right hand when one of the singers sang “Let’s dance” from the right side of the theatre and the other side raising the hand when the other singer sang “Let’s shout!”

In the middle of the first act there’s also a skip in the future with the Dangerous’ choreo Michael performed at MTV VMA in late 90s and the audience explodes because who plays the Michael’s role is definitely identical as him: same moves, same way to dance. Really really impressive!

The first act ends with “Can You Feel It” song. A break of few minutes and I’m really really happy to be there and I’m having a lot of fun.

The second act are going to be really more outstanding than the first one because the songs they are going to play/sing/dance are the smash biggest hits of the King Of Pop.

With “Smooth Criminal” I was completely mad hahah it’s one of my fav songs ever and they re-create the concept of the music video. Once again, Michael-double is AWESOME!

When is the moment of “Man In The Mirror”, the whole audience stands up just when the lyrics in the song say: “Stand Up!” and we started to clap the hands. On the background screen passes some photos of the biggest names of the history from J.F. Kennedy to Mother Theresa and in the end Michael’s photo appears and the whole audience starts to scream. I was in tears, I love that song and I always cry when I listen to it. Follow “They Don’t Care About Us” and we are still standing up clapping hands and having fun, I was out of control. I can’t sit down and still when I listen to Michael’s music. Then it’s time for “Heal The World” I start to cry again, another touching song, and the audience sits down for a couple of minutes for to go crazy when it’s the moment for “Billie Jean”. Believe me, I think Michael’s sould came into David Jordan which plays Michael’s role, because it was like MJ. And I thought the theatre was going to fall down for the explosions of applauses and screams from the audience, follows “Thriller” and everybody’s singing and dancing.

Then a background dancer comes on stage texting on a cellphone and on the screen appear the words: “Do you want to have more?” and the audience starts to scream “I can’t hear you!” and we screamed louder. With a spray the dancer writes “BAD” on the screen and once again the audience stands up until the end with “Black Or White” and the reprise of “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal”.

The show ends and this time I wanna meet the cast, I wanna shot a pic with them and have their autographs. So my dad and I wait them outside the theatre. The first to come out were Jesse Smith (the only one white singer which sang “She’s Out Of My Mind” and “Dirty Diana”) and Lascel Wood (which played the role of young MJ). then came out the dancers, they are so funny and nice. I was so happy to see tons of little kids waiting for an autograph, I think Michael was laughing from above looking down to this scene. He loved kids.

The last two to came out were Cleo Higgins, The Voice UK 2013 winner, and David Jordan (Michael-double). The kids went crazy and David extemporizes few MJ’s moves and is impressive! I ask him if he can sign me an autograph and he says yes. Then I pose with him for a photo and I say him is the second time I see the show and I congratulate with him for his talent, then he’s impressed by my leather jacket full of MJ’s pins and he starts to indicate them and then he notices also Bowie’s ones 😛 then I go to Cleo and I say she has a wonderful voice and she embraces me :’) then she signs me an autograph and we start to laugh when I tell her she’s one of the few who spells my name right XD and then I pose with her in a photo and also David adds awww freaking adorable.

I will bring this night forever in my heart, I hope you like my little gallery about Thriller Live with two pics from the show, me with the cast and their autographs.

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