It’s the sound of WAR !! On May 4th 1970 44 years ago the students at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio were shot upon by the United States National Guard for protesting the Vietnam War 4 young adults were killed :

Jeffrey Miller age 20

Allison Krause age 19

William Schroeder age 19

Sandra Scheuer age 20

Jeffrey Miller died instantly, He was from Long Island. One other died a few minutes after being shot and the other two died at the hospital. Jeffrey was the boy on the ground with the girl over him trying to help him.

I picked this song by Buffalo Springfield because of the eerie coincidence of this event even though the song came out in 1967 3 years before Kent State. It’s my vintage song of the month. In dedication to the 4 who were killed and the many who were injured for a peaceful protest against the Vietnam War : (