Stevie Nicks/BMI Pop Awards 2014

This past week, I hit up the BMI Pop awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I always TRY and make it out to any of BMI’s events that I can, whether it’s in Nashville, or LA. If you’re not familiar, BMI is a performing rights organization, which basically means they collect songwriters royalties for radio/etc plays.

Every year they present an Icon award to someone that has continually been influential in the writing world. This year… Stevie Nicks. I can’t even tell you how inspiring it was to hear her speak candidly for who knows how long. It’s like watching Wolf Of Wall Street, and even though it’s 3 hours long, you want more. From her first love of music, to the first song she wrote, to Fleetwood Mac, to today… She gave a beautiful rundown of her journey. It’s moments like those that make me want to go straight to the studio and work all night. (I tried. But about 4:30am I started falling asleep haha). I got to see and catch up with a ton of very talented and cool friends/peers too.

I scrounged around and found some photos of Mark Ballas, BC Jean, Aubrey Cleland and myself on the carpet. Luckily, I think I did pretty well in the “look” I went with. Two years ago… NOT SO MUCH. I went with a simple white T I got from NO I.D. in japan, a black Givenchy vest, Cinzia Araia boots(becoming one of my favorite shoe designers), and a pair of black drop-crotch trousers.

Hopefully, you’ll hear some great songs come out of me and all the people I ran into throughout the night, over the next few years. It’s a blast to chat about collaborating and hear what everyone’s been up to. So LOOK out. I stay in the studio!