I don’t have as many photos as I usually do but I thought I would show some from the last week ……

I always wanted this photo but it’s in an area that is very hard to get a decent shot. I just always thought this was a cool name for a street 😀

Pretty much the Perfect Family 😀

OH Look Tinkerbell was in front of me 😀

And some little vehicle in that truck !!!

I don’t eat steak but I guess it works for all kind of food. You need to take care of your Teeth 😀

It’s the Disneyland Family 😀

It’s almost Beach Time and time for your FLIP FLOPS 😀

You must stop when it says to, we have a lot of cameras that will take your car photo if you don’t and they send you a ticket !! It happened to me before Christmas and it cost me $80 dollars !!

I just love this one my brother was a Marine so we are a Proud Marine Family : )

I was leaving my supermarket and loved how pretty they fixed this up. That is a new road for bicycles and people to walk on not cars !!

Stopped at Burger King for a Cheese Whopper and some Satisfries healthier French Fries :O

So I hope you enjoyed another trip with me while I’m ON THE ROAD : )