Vintage-Inspired Bathing Suits: Grandma Chic or Plain Old Frumpy?

If there’s anything that proves that you don’t have to show skin to be trendy at the beach, it’s the recent fashion influx of vintage-inspired bathing suits. Celebs like Bella Thorn, Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift have all been spotted sporting the look, but is it better left to grandma?

A couple years ago, if you told me I’d be walking around the beach in a high-waisted bikini or one piece I’d say you were out of your mind. There was nothing in my mind that screamed middle aged woman or 10 year old girl more than a once-piece suit. Turns out, I was totally wrong. You don’t need an itty, bitty, polka dot bikini to look absolutely stunning in the sun, and vintage styles tend to hide problem areas (which makes me feel a heck of a lot more confident when I’m laying out by the pool).

What do you think of this trend? Is it grandma-chic or just plain grandma?