Your Pick: Fall In Love With A Man’s Potential Or Ambition?

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His Potential vs. His Ambition

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get stuck in a relationship where you see so much potential in your significant other, but little results. The only thing that’s wrong with that situation is that sometimes potential never turns into ambition. So what are you really waiting for? The saddest part is that you could wait years, decades, and still be stuck in the same position with no results, time wasted, and lots of resentment.

You see, many people don’t fully get the idea that there’s a difference between a girl and a woman, much like there’s a difference between a ‘grown boy’ and a man.

Let me break the girl vs. woman down first and then we’ll get to the men! The difference between a girl and a woman is the maturity to recognize what you need and deserve in your life as opposed to want. Having a man that only has “potential” isn’t it. Let’s face it, you’re sticking around hoping that one day he’ll get it. But how long are you going to put your life on hold, waiting for your man’s “aha” moment that may or may not come? Eventually while you steadily rise in your ambition and success, if he’s still stagnant in his “potential”, you two are bound to have some issues.

A smart woman recognizes when her kindness has been taken for weakness, and is strong enough walk away no matter how infatuated, in like, or in love. A strong woman knows that she is valuable and deserving of a man that deserves her. You need a man who can stand on his own feet and be your partner, not a ‘grown boy’ who has no idea where he’s headed in life and is still trying to find his way to manhood. Demand nothing less! The core of a man’s manhood is to be able to provide for his woman and family! A man shows his love by providing, protecting, and professing his lady. If you aren’t getting that from your man but you’re giving twice as much, make sure you step back and re-evaluate what you’re tolerating. Know your worth and love yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you or enhances your life.

The way I see it is a man should be the one to lead his wife in marriage, right? But if he has no clue where he’s headed and isn’t working towards finding that out, why on earth would I follow behind him? Better yet, why would I follow him down the alter? It’s the same concept in relationships, ladies! It’s like the blind leading the blind! If your man is trying, then yes, you should definitely applaud him! Be his cheerleader and grow together. But it should be a growth that occurs together. Love is mutual and unselfish!

Here’s my tip of the day: Don’t fall in love w/ potential, [especially] if you see yourself going places in life. Never date someone who’s intimidated by your success due to a lack of their own. & If you do date, don’t date potential, date ambition. Be with someone who is on your level, complements you, and lifts you up out of genuine love and appreciation for what you bring to their life and vice versa. Be go-getters together! Never be afraid to wait for what you deserve & never ever ever settle.

Having a relationship with a man who has all the potential in the world and isn’t using it – should be a crime in itself. Don’t think for a second that you waiting for him to get it together is going to hurry him along that process. In his mind, clearly what he’s doing at the moment is working because it sure is keeping you around. So then what’s his incentive to change?

Remember: A relationship should never become a project. Sometimes we will allow ourselves to be strung along in a toxic relationship just for the comfort of having someone there, knowing deep down inside that we deserve so much better. Know what you’re worth and wait for the man that can respect and recognize your worth too.