Love Or Leave: Extreme Dog Grooming!

I am sure if you follow me and my life you know that I am obsessed with my two dogs Diva and Diamond. I like to keep my life colorful so that has lead to me also getting my dogs groomed and dyed often! This has been SUCH a hot topic across the board and has led to me getting accused of dog abuse… how can strangers even judge me when they have NO clue how easy it is to dye a dog safely??

Incase you are clueless to the world of extreme dog grooming…the dye that I use is completely vegan and does not hurt the animals at all! Think of it as a food coloring for their fur, it fades and washes out over time just like any pigment would!

Extreme dog grooming is actually a huge thing and MANY people do it for competitions. Check out this gallery of my babies and some other pups rocking some crazy looks! What are YOUR thoughts?!