From The Indie Vault: Ready Never

Ready Never – For fans of: MGMT, Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia

There is nothing I respect more than true musicianship, and Los Angeles duo Ready Never take that notion to a whole new level. Describing their sound as “EDM rock,” Ready Never manage to surprise you during a live show all while proving that EDM is only getting more innovative. Lead Benny Ed plays bass, synths, and DJ gear all while adding vocals while Clinton Karcher is the backbone of Ready Never on drums.

Anyone can put out a track and label it as the new EDM hit, but not everyone can back it up live. “We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music. But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound.”

The duo just released their debut album, Eleutherophobia, which features a healthy array of EDM, house, dubstep interludes, and of course, rock. Lead single, “Take That Pill,” which is a satirical take on the modern pill popping society, features a SNL-like music video and a catchy hook that’ll make Top 40 reigners jealous.

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