Help Natural High + Echosmith Go Out On Vans Warped Tour

Hello Buzznet pals, we need your help! As you know, I’m one of the brand ambassadors for the nonprofit Natural High! Well, I’ve helped mesh Echosmith + Nautral High+ Vans Warped Tour all together for an epic summer of music. Going out on tour cost A LOT of money, and when you’re a nonprofit, you don’t get a lot of funding. I want to help spread the message of living Natural High to the Warped crowd with the help of Vans Warped Tour and Echosmith! Support these pals of mines indiegogo campaign and win cool prizes!

They have a small goal of 5,000 dollars and of course need your help! You can win the VIP treatment at Warped, along with also getting to hang with Echosmith! …

Natural High inspires everyone to live happy, healthy, drug-free lives. Help us reach 10 million this year by supporting our nationwide outreach efforts!

Help some of my pals out!