What The Heck Is Anna Wintour Eating In This Picture With Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian posted a throwback picture of her with Anna Wintour to her Instagram yesterday. And while there are a lot of notable things about the post (the reference to her Vogue cover, the fact that it probably indicates that she’ll be attending the Met Ball again, her cute baby) one aspect of the photo really stood out for me.

The thing that really caught my eye is that indescernible plate of food in front of the Vogue editor. What the hell is Anna Wintour eating?! Is it chicken fried steak? Is it schnitzel? Why would Anna Wintour be eating schnitzel!? Is she eating just a large plate of funnel cake?

Kim is clearly drinking a big latte (new mama’s need all the help they can get!) and it looks like Kanye West,who is taking the picture, is enjoying a mimosa. So it’s even more curious that Anna would indulge in such a hearty meal while her fellow diners were having liquid lunches. Anna you mysterious sorceress, explain your ways to me!

Please tell me, what do you think Anna Wintour is eating here?