First Listen: Michael Jackson Five-Track Exclusive Preview!

It’s official! Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is back!

In an earlier announcement last month, Epic Records told the world it was linking up with Jackson’s estate to release XSCAPE, a project that will debut eight new, never-before-heard tracks from the King Of Pop on May 13!

For the serious Michael Jackson fans, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Epic Records offer a deluxe edition of the album, which includes a collection of the original recordings.

In addition to the first single “Love Never Felt So Good,” Music Unlimited is the only streaming music service to offer an exclusive preview of five new tracks from XSCAPE before its release date.

Love Never Felt So Good” was produced for this album by estate co-executor John McClain who says, “Michael sounds incredible on this track just like he always does. There was never a day when he was anything other than great.He is immortal. And the song is great.”

Other tracks available on Music Unlimited include:


There’s no wonder why Michael Jackson fell in love with “Chicago” the first time he heard it. Days after hearing the song, Jackson took a flight to New York City to record the song at The Hit Factory in midtown Manhattan. Jackson sings in his lower register in the verses over an inauspicious beat, before exploding into a fit of pain and regret in the chorus.

Loving You

This light, mid-tempo song was written and produced by Jackson and originally recorded during the early Bad sessions. The song takes the listener back in time with its enchanting Motown-like vibe and gives us another gem from one of the most productive and famed periods in Jackson’s career.

A Place With No Name

This creative song paints a story about a man whose car breaks down in the desert and is led by a mysterious woman to an utopian city where “no one is in fear” and “no people have pain.” Record producer Dr. Freeze described the song as “a kind of escape, a song where you just close your eyes to find yourself instantly transported into a wonderful world.”

Slave To The Rhythm

“Slave to the Rhythm” is a robo-pop rhythm track where Jackson tells of a woman trapped in suffocating circumstances. Jackson tells her story in an emotional performance, topped with his trademark syncopated beat-boxing.

Do You Know Where Your Children Are” (released tomorrow, May 9).

With this song written and produced by Jackson, he says that kids were the song’s inspiration. In a note discovered by Jackson’s Estate, Jackson writes of the inspiration for the song: “Song is about kids being raised in a broken family where the father comes home drunk and the mother is out prostituting and the kids run away from home and they become the victims of rape, prostitiution and the hunter becomes the hunted.” The song is deep and very telling of Jacksons artistic abilities!

Jackson couldn’t wait for the world to hear XSCAPE. He told producer Rodney Jerkins of his intense excitement! “MJ loved everything about it,” says Jerkins, “The energy, the lyrics.” If this album is anything like the rest of MJ’s albums, the world is sure to love it!

XSCAPE will be available worldwide on May 13. Make sure you get your copy!