EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rye Rye

Rye Rye is an American rapper, dancer and actress. I believe that she is one of the greatest young artist. And I was so honored to interview her. But the first check out Rye’s new song with Bassnectar called “Now”. You can download for free 🙂

Hi Rye Rye. For those who haven’t heard of Rye Rye can you tell us alittle about yourself?

Rye Rye: I’m an Rapstress (female rapper) from Baltimore. I’m 23 started making music at the Age of 15. I’m also an dancer/ actress.

How you started making music?

Rye Rye: I use to just write poetry when I was bored and RnB songs here and there but then Dj Blaqstarr was a friend of my sisters and he asked did I know how to rap so then that inspired me to write. I then called and left him a voicemail rapping.. Eventually we ended up recording alot.

What is your favorite piece of “Go! Pop! Bang?!”?

Rye Rye: My favorite piece of go! Pop! Bang!? Hmmmm… I love hotter! The beat and how hard it goes. Its just an laid back track but I have plenty favs. Love em all in their own ways.

You toured with M.I.A., Katy Perry, Robyn and LMFAO. As you mentionthis time?

Rye Rye: I’m not touring currently but know soon something will be in the works.

What would you say is the most important lesson you have learned inthe music industry?

Rye Rye: In the industry you gotta learn not to get personal.. Everybody is about business..don’t ever think nobody genuinely cares because they can disappear in an instant! Some ppl do care but you gotta watch out! Also make all of ya own decisions and not let anyone force you to do anything.

How would you define the concept of “female rapper”? What does itmean for you?

Rye Rye: Female rapper is basically a female who spits over beats.. Any genre. But I like to call myself an artist because the artist is more freely.. I’m not just an rapper who spits of hardcore hip hop I can do it but I like the artistic side of things and the fashion etc

What are some of your favorite songs of all-time?

Rye Rye: Kanye west “All falls down, r.Kelly “the worlds greatest”, Quincy Jones “Tomorrow”, All of Michael Jackson songs lol, Whitney Houston “The greatest Love”

They’re basically powerful songs deep meanings I love motivational music. I’m more of an RNB fan

What is your the biggest inspiration?

Rye Rye: I’m inspired alone by just knowing you can come from a rough place and do anything u put ya mind too.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

Rye Rye: Just be yourself and don’t ever let anyone criticize you for doing what you love.