Exclusive: Interview With C.J. Daugherty

A few days ago I mentioned you about the wonderful “Night School” series by C.J. Daugherty. And I have a huge surprise for you. I had an amazing chance to interview her. Don’t wait and read the interview 🙂

Hi C.J. Daugherty. For those who haven’t heard of you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

C.J. Daugherty: I’m the author of the Night School series. Night School is a romantic thriller, set at a boarding school for the British political elite. A place where everything is about to go very, very wrong.

Right now you are a novelist, did you miss to being a former crimereporter, political writer and investigative journalist?

C.J. Daugherty: Sometimes! It was genuinely exciting to do that work. I have been chased, attacked, fought with and stolen from. I’ve stood on street corners at 2 in the morning interviewing drug dealers about their lives. I’ve followed politicians onto helicopters and into toilets. I was a very good reporter.

But making stuff up for a living has a lot going for it too!

Your “Night School” series was translated into twenty-one languages.What this novel means to you?

C.J. Daugherty: Nothing makes me happier than knowing that readers all over the world love Night School! Personally, I love the characters so much I’m sorry they’re not real. I want Allie to hang out my house and break stuff. I want Carter to tell me all his problems and I would feed him cookies. Sylvain needs some good advice.

Writing Night School is an absolute joy, and I’m so very delighted that readers like it, too.

Who is your favorite character from “Night School” and why?

C.J. Daugherty: Zoe. Because she is the most honest character in the book. And her honesty makes her both shocking and hilarious.

When I read “Night School”, I observed that Allie can be a rolemodel for young girls. She has a problem with panic attacks and shenever gives up even when her life is in danger. If it was a specialintention?

C.J. Daugherty: I wrote Allie to be real. And to FIGHT BACK against everything life threw at her. And to never, ever give up. I knew if a teenage girl went through what she went through, there would be psychological ramifications. What she’s been through is traumatic. So she has panic attacks and borderline obsessive compulsive disorder — she counts things, and she needs structure and order in her life. Because that is what happens when your life falls apart. A lot of books these days have all kinds of trauma and then the main characters just WALK AWAY like nothing happens. That is not real. Real is never forgetting. Real is nightmares. Real is feeling scarred on the inside. And real is SURVIVING.

If you are reading this, you are a survivor. Because life is hard. But surviving is everything.

Can you give us an interesting fact about “Night School” series?

C.J. Daugherty: I got the idea for Night School while working in a temporary job for the British government. I worked with spies and had meetings with the Prime Minister’s office. And I can tell you with absolute sincerity that there is nothing in the Night School series that could not happen in real life. Nothing.

What can we expect from “Night School: Resistance” ?

C.J. Daugherty: In Resistance you will get answers. The spy can’t stay hidden forever. And, when it comes to love, Allie must listen to her heart. But the house of cars that began to tumble in Book 3, is really falling now. Nathaniel has no intention of backing down. The fight is fully underway.

What do you like doing in your free time?

C.J. Daugherty: I READ all the BOOKS! I also travel, mostly in Europe and Britain. I love castles. I am rarely happier than when clambering over a castle while, or climbing up a turret to take in the view.

Thank you so much for this interview. Do you have a message for yourfans and readers?

C.J. Daugherty: Thank you so much for reading NIGHT SCHOOL and for falling in love with the characters along with me. I hope you will get the Night School movie you want! I love you.