I hope everyone had an incredible long weekend. I’ve been stuck at home with some version of a cold/plague so decided in the times I was not sleeping or resting to do a major house porject that I’ve been really excited about doing for a year! I’ve been collecting frames, and photos and art for a long time, from all over the world- and now that I am married, had to mix my collection with Swoon’s collection. We wanted to put up an inspirational and motivational gallery wall in our office. I thought it was the perfect time to hang a few wedding photos too!

At first I wanted to do a bright wallpaper behind the photos, and actually ordered many samples, but it always seemed too busy behind the art, so instead, I was inspired by some pinterest ideas of doing a black chalkboard wall behind it. What is extra cool about chalkboard paint is that is has a really neat dimention and matte finish. It looks very industrial, which goes perfectly with our house.

Attached are the photos of the steps I took to mkae our gallery wall incredible! Send me pics of your latest home DIY!

Products I used:

-Rustoliem Chalkboard paint (Black)

-Desk/ Ikea

-Chair/ CB2

-Yellow Plant Stand/ Urban Outfitters APT

-Various Frames, Art, Photos, Collectables