Colored Hair To DIY For: $15 Edition

Celebs can get away with dyeing their hair daring colors and there’s no reason you can’t too! Don’t worry if your parents say no because it doesn’t have to be permanent!

To give your hair a kick of color like Katy Perry we have a cool trick to show off your inner pop-star!

Of course you can throw on a bright colored wig for an instant hair change, but my favorite way to give your locks a whole new look that’s only temporary is to chalk your ‘do for a punky look that is sure to turn heads!

All you’ll need is drawing chalk from the art store (not sidewalk chalk!) a comb and clean damp hair.

After you wash your hair, towel dry and brush. Or you can wet your hair with a spray bottle.

Comb out your hair, then take the chalk color of your choice and rub it over the strands to transfer the color.

Allow it to dry and comb! It’s really that easy!

You’ll have rockin’ locks that you can change any day of the week! So chill!