Caviar Nails: Too Weird Or Too Cute?

Manicures aren’t just manicures anymore. Over the last year the rise in nail art’s popularity has caused a number of drugstore beauty brands to release simple, easy to apply nail accessories. The latest trend is one that I’m not so sure sits right on my finger tips – caviar nails.

In theory, caviar nails offer a luxe, seemingly simple alternative, to otherwise complicated nail art, but I’ve got to be honest. It looks kind of…weird?

Last week my sister brought home Sally Hansen’s caviar nail kit (which are tiny plastic beads you dip your wet nails in to get a sprinkly/caviar look). She followed the directions for the design on the front of the package and her nails looked awesome, but when I did my nails, I just couldn’t get over the feeling of weird plastic beads covering my nails.

I still am undecided if this is a look that’s too editorial for real life. I think it looks lovely in magazines but does it translate to the street? I’m definitely a fan of the kind that looks like nonpareil sprinkles. I mean how much cuter could you get than a candy-coated manicure? The matte black also looks really expensive and classy.

What do you guys think. Do you like the caviar nail look?