Candy Hearts Release Fun-Filled Music Video On MTV Buzzworthy

Hello everyone! I’m so pleased to let you all know that this morning we premiered our brand new music video on MTV Buzzworthy. We LOVE those guys over there.

The music video was the absolute best time to shoot. Basically, it features me being miserable in the morning as I’m forced to wake up early and do the same boring stuff every day. Then, as I’m leaving to do the same boring stuff every day, my band surprises me, and we go out on the town and have a blast! It was one major hangout session!

It’s funny because even though we shot the video on Los Angeles, we tried really, really hard to make the apartment look almost exactly like my bedroom, and it does!

Check out the video and see what Buzzworthy has to say:

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Our new record All The Ways You Let Me Down (which comes out on June 10th) is available for only $6.99 on iTunes. That’s less than $1/song (there are 11 songs), and you’ll get the track in this music video right away! Preorder it today, and I promise you will love it.